Rouyer Guillet And Compagnie Cognac De Guyenne (CCG)

easmits wrote:

Yes, the Rouyer Guillet brand does still exist, although it is but a shadow of its former glory. It was a family-owned company until 1992, when it was bought by Compagnie Cognac de Guyenne, which also owns Meukow. The neem owners don’t seem to be doing much with the brand.

It used to be one of the bigger houses and their well-respected old vintage bottle are still found at auctions.

This was great information, it is hard to find info for CCG and Rouyer Guillet. Below, I put all the pieces of information that I collected together for Rouyer Guillet and CCG.

Rouyer Guillet is a small cognac producer and not very widely known. It was founded by Philippe Guillet in 1701, who was mayor of Cognac since 1687. He received the Brevet Royal in 1701 by King Louis XIV, so Rouyer Guillet was “Le Cognac des Rois de France” (”The Cognac of the Kings of France”). Rouyer Guillet has a glorious history and produced some 50 year old and 100 year old vintage bottles that are impressively priced by collectors at auctions.

Cognac Rouyer Guillet was bought by CCG (Compagnic Commerciale de Guyenne) in 1992, which is an independent family company near town of Cognac that specializes in the business of wholesale liquor (Cognac, Brandy, Whisky and Vodka, etc.). CCG has a modern plant for bottling its own brand, as well as for Meukow and Rouyer-Guillet and for distribution.

Nowadays, the brand name of Rouyer Guillet is relatively weak and not often considered or paid much attention. Modern day bottles are seen more often and are slightly more popular in some Asian regions like Japan and Hong Kong. But, still, it has very small market share. (There I wanted to put another two ‘very’s...)

Hope CCG and Guillet family can do something more with the brand, although we know it’s hard as there are nearly 200 cognac brands in competition.

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