Acquired a Nice Collection of Vintage Spirits

I'm relatively new to the world of collecting (Spirits) and have acquired a number of interesting foreign and domestic bottles. I have 20 bottles total, some dating back to the 1930s up to the 1980s. Every bottle is sealed and I've detailed a pretty comprehensive list of them below. If anyone is interested in talking about them or sharing thoughts or opinions about my collection, I would love to hear from them.

1. Côtes du Rhône "Cellier des Dauphins" Wine Patrick Galant, Key Milestone Date (sealed) 1978
2. Vintage Sealed 1960s Asbach Uralt Brandy, German Label Very Rare
3. A 1960s bottling of Asbach Uralt German grape brandy complete with full packaging! Recently, the product was renamed "Asbach Original 3 Year Old
4. Very Rare German "Fürst Bismarck” – Kornbrannt Grain Spirit Brandy 1960s, Otto Prince Von Bismarck’s portrait, “Iron Chancellor” right facing.
5. Vintage Salvador Dali designed Osborne Brandy De Jerez, Sealed and Full.
6. Vintage Sakura Masamune De Luxe Seishu Sake
7. 1983 Qualitatswein Leibfraumilch BLACK TOWER 14" White Wine, Bottled in Germany by H. Kendermann - Weinkellerie GMBH.
8. Nebraska Cornhusker National Champions Jim Beam Decanter featuring Bob Devaney. The bottle is full and sealed.
9. Jim Beam 1981 Whiskey Jug. Decanter jug holds 1.75 liters of Jim Beam whiskey. Sealed & Full. The bottom of the jug says: Creation of James B. Beam Distilling Co. KY-DRB-230 Genuine Regal China 1981 C. Miller Regal China corporation 145 Liquor Bottle Made in USA. There are marks on the front surface of the jug.
10. Merlin Liqueur Imported Scotch Whiskey (vintage stock)
11. Cognac Hennessey Very Special Maison
12. A/C Delco Bottle of 100 month old Jim Beam whiskey, in the shape of a spark plug. Bottled in 1977, full and sealed
13. 1st Annual Fiesta Bowl Dec. 21, 1971 Jim Beam FULL Unopened Bottle Arizona State University vs. Florida State. The tax seal is partially broken, not completely.
14. Rare Jim Beam's "Pin-Bottle" Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. The tax seal has been broken but the bottle has never been opened.
15. Figural Liquor Bottle Lima Peru Inca Pisco Black Matte Finish Glass c 1970, Full and Sealed.

Collection of Antique Art Deco/Nouveau Pottery French & Italian Decanters
16. RARE French ROBJ Art Nouveau 1930s JULIUS WILE SONS & CO, P. Garnier figural ceramic Peach Liqueur liquor bottle or decanter of a religious figure wearing a bright orange headscarf which offers a nice contrast to the black/white robe. The bottle and stopper are ceramic. The bottom is marked, "Modele Exclusiv de la Distillerie P. Garnier, Enghien-Les-Bains, Pres Paris, France. Also impressed on bottom. "Monterreau." This is a prized piece in any bottle collection. The decanter is in MINT condition, Unopened and FREE of damage. Seal is 100% intact.
17. 1930s Labbe Francois Voiron Cordial Sealed Unopened Bottle. LIQUEURS DE LABBE FRANCOIS trademark by LABBE FRANCOIS AND COMPANY in VOIRON. Features several
import labels. The bottle is signed on the bottom and in MINT condition. Seal is 100% intact.
18. Vintage G. Barattucci Clay Pottery Decanter featuring a Greek Mythological Themed Decal or label. The decanter is made of fired clay. The paper label depicts Greek Mythological characters including a horse and chariot. The decanter stands about 11 1/4 inches tall and is in MINT condition. This is a Hard to find old ceramic bottle produced in CORFINIO ITALY. The decals read Corfinio Specialita Giulio Barattucci Napoli; the Bottle Ceramic Company of Giulio Aristide Barattucci property Barattucci CORFINIO, produced in Pescara ITALY, ceramics produced in the distillery of the Firm G. Barattucci in Italy. Corfinio liqueur was trademarked in 1858 and was created by Giulio Barattucci. Made with 42 herbs of the Maiella Mountains and Abruzzese saffron, which gives the liqueur its typical gold yellow color, it was an absolute treat. The flavour can be paragoned to the people of Abruzzo - forte e gentile. Barattucci was part of the late XIX century artistic scene of the Cenacolo Artistico Abruzzese, together with famous poet Gabriele d'Annunzio, the philosopher Benedetto Croce and the painter Francesco Michetti. He also invented interesting novel marketing campaigns ahead of his time to promote his liqueurs. Partially broken tax seal.
19. Labbe Francois Gold Cup Cherry Liqueur Decanter. Bottle Hand Painted Depose France. Unopened Factory Sealed Bottle with import labels. The bottle has dark crazing throug

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1 week ago #2

Regarding your item #19, "Labbe Francois Gold Cup Cherry Liqueur Decanter... Unopened". Just curious how is it "unopened" because it looks like the decorative top and cork has been removed and is now hanging on the side? Do you think another cork was inserted after the decorative cork was removed. I have a similar bottle that is unopened and its decorative stopper has been broken off from the cork which still remains in the bottle, sealed. The decorative stopper to my bottle is missing so I can't examine how it was attached to the cork.

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