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How to keep your moonshine from coming out cloudy by thomasedwin
Credit for this post goes to thomas. When you distill something, all you are really doing is boiling it so it makes steam and then you collect that steam and condense it back to liquid. If there is particulate matter in your mash and your still ...
Old Boone's Knoll bourbon by E.J. Curley Distillery by aphonik
Boone's Knoll was a brand made by the E.J. Curley Distillery beginning in the late 19th century (Curley's two most famous brands were Boone's Knoll and Blue Grass Whiskey). Interestingly Curley was born in Massachusetts and is thought to have set ...

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Guest, If you can upload a few good photos of your bottle in a standing position so we can see the cap, labels & content level, I can certainly help you with both a correct dating & ...
by wchurst - 1 hour ago
The 2 on the left appear to be heritage style maybe mid 90s I’d value them around $75 each. The fake seal bottles on the right around $125-150 range
by blacklabel - 2 hours ago
dimple, The bottles produced during the company change in 1950-1951 stated both the location names of "Edinburgh" & "Markinch" on the same label (see attached for example). ...
by wchurst - 2 hours ago
Mattel, The inclusion of the box with a bottle from this period rarely affects the actual selling value of the bottle at auction...It would however, make this bottle slightly more ...
by wchurst - 3 hours ago
Jennifer, Can you please post a photo of the bottle standing upright on a level surface? How has the bottle been stored? Cheers, Eric
by aphonik - 6 hours ago
How much is this bottle worth when I google the no.of the bottle And it says missing it has b.1759 top left bottle ...
by Thr33deezy - 8 hours ago

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