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How to keep your moonshine from coming out cloudy by thomasedwin
Credit for this post goes to thomas. When you distill something, all you are really doing is boiling it so it makes steam and then you collect that steam and condense it back to liquid. If there is particulate matter in your mash and your still ...
Old Boone's Knoll bourbon by E.J. Curley Distillery by aphonik
Boone's Knoll was a brand made by the E.J. Curley Distillery beginning in the late 19th century (Curley's two most famous brands were Boone's Knoll and Blue Grass Whiskey). Interestingly Curley was born in Massachusetts and is thought to have set ...

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Please post photos.. Cheers
by catblack - 4 hours ago
Hi As you have registered the bottle it is now worth less. Unregistered they sell for $180/200 Registered they sell for $140/160. Cheers Roger
by catblack - 6 hours ago
Hi Melenie, My apologies, only because of the other post I realised I had not answered your question yet. Your bottle was produced in the 1970s, which is too recent to attract much ...
by easmits - 8 hours ago
Nothing wrong with that I do try to keep as much local as I can. But you can get more diversity online and as you said compare prices something that at one time took a lot more to research ...
by bob1 - 9 hours ago
Hello, my name is Martin and I'm from Germany. I found in the basement of my Grandfather two bottles of Havana Club. After my research i found out that they are probably from the late 60s. ...
by Grandfather - 13 hours ago

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