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I am making hard pear cider at 5% alch. and it has a white film over the top. It has completed fermentation and is in a glass secondary to clarify. It has been in the secondary for around 9 days. I noticed the film 3 days ago. I read some of the other similar topics and someone mentioned taking a sample and rubbing it between your fingers. If it smears it is residual yeast if it balls up or makes strands then it is bacteria/fungus/bad news. I did this and it just smeared like wet powder. Regardless can i just add campden to kill everything since I no longer need the yeast and see if it clears up or are there other measures I need to take? I don't notice and odd smells. It tastes slightly watery possibly from low alch. but not at all vinegary.

Thank you

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I see lots of bubbles in it. It doesn't seem to be done fermenting. I think you need to let it set a bit and settle out.

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