When do I know if my wine is completely done fermenting

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I started making wine earlier this year, and have successfully made Apple and Rhubarb wine. I am now working on Strawberry and Black Currant. My question: When do I know for sure that my wine is done fermenting, and if I am not sure is there anything I can do to stop the process? My local winestore had something to stop fermentation, but it is made with shellfish and my Brother in law is allergic to that. So obviously he could never drink any of my wines if I would put that in. I just learned about SG, and because I didn't take a reading before I can't take one now. Thanks for any advice.

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Well you can take one now, we just wont know how much alcohol you have. If it has been at .997 or lower and stays there then it is probably done. Your winestore was trying to sell you a fining agent not something to stop fermentation. If you want to make sure it stopped add sulfite and potassium sorbate and wait for it to clear up again and bottle. You can fine your wines with bentonite which is a positively charged form of clay and that will help it clear but really time will do the same thing if you rack 3 or 4 times and wait it out for a while, like a year.

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