How much can my old whiskey & cognac be worth for a collector?

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I own a very old bottle of "Champagne Cognac" and a very old bottle of "Scotch Whiskey-A Blend". They date back to World War 1. The whiskey bottle is not opened. I believe neither has the Cognac been opened, but it may have evaporated or something. I don't touch the cap; so I don't know. They belonged to my grandfather, Theodore Russo, who died in 1989 at the age of 89. He was in WW1, US Navy from 04/11/1917 - 08/06/1919. He was in the United States Coast Guard from 07/23/43 through 09/30/45. He was a member of the American Legion from 1919 until his death on 12/29/89, and received a Metal in 1979 for 60 years a member of the American Legion (1919 - 1979). One or both of these bottles were purchased at the beginning or during World War 1 by a group of war buddies that included my grandfather. One or both of the bottles was to stay with the "last survivor", which was my grandfather. He gave me the bottles before he died. One of these bottles they called "The Last Survivor Bottle". I am almost sure it was the Whiskey bottle because he always referred to the Last Survivor Bottle as the Whiskey bottle.

I want to sell these bottles to a collector, but of course I need to know who I can sell them to and their value so I can get the best price available. I have attached 3 pictures. Below is the information taken exactly from the labels of each of the bottles.

Distilled 1878 in the Charente District, Cognac, France For Berry Bro's & Co established in the XVII Century at 3 St. James's Street, London, S.W.1, Liquid Contents 3/4 Of A Quart, Alcoholic Strength 80 Amer. Proof, Produce of France, Sole Selling Agents for United States of America, The Buckingham Corporation, New York City, New York State LL7

A.D. 1667 - A.D. 1917 Specially Vatted To Commemorate The Establishment Of The Firm, Est'd 250 Years, Blended and Bottled By Hedges & Butler Ltd, 4/5th Quart, Glascow, Scotland, 91 Proof, Produce of Scotland, Imported by The House Of McAteer, Inc, 347 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 1.184, Pre-War Quality And Strength

I have just started searching online for help. Can you please help me? My email address is <email>

Linda Paquin
Deltona, Florida (United States)

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8 years old tamnavulin ...

i have a bottle of 8year old tamnavulin-genlivet single malt scotch whiskey i dont know when the bottle was first purchased it was passed on to me over ten years ago is there any value in it?

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I have a bottle of Haighs Gold Label unopened with seal still on.It as been passed down to me all i know is it is at least 100yrs old.Could you please tell me how much it is worth & how to go abbout selling it.

Pauline steane

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If you still have your bottle please post pictures and I will help you with a value.

Thank you,

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