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Dating US bottles via Tax Stamps...
Tax Stamp Samples
Several people have asked whether they could date a bottle via the Tax Stamps on the bottle.. To some extent the answer for US Tax Stamps is yes! (Most Canadian Tax Stamps are already dated, but ...
by wchurst
Wine Values, Where do you find it?
photo credit creative commons Eole Depending on what you are trying to achieve by valuing your wine there are several ways to find out what it's worth. If you are just trying to turn it around and ...
by DGreene
What's my bottle worth?
"I have an old bottle of something. What's it worth?" We see posts like these quite often. We have no idea. Why? Because you haven't really told us anything. What do we need to know? What's ...
by zumpa21
ERTE COURVOISIER Cognac Collection No. 1 - 7 ALL unopened and sealed in mint condition.
Each one has individual Erte artwork and a number on the base. Each of the backs of the bottles have the description of the name given. This entire set of all seven collectable Erte Courvoisier ...
by Brent Turbeville
Dating a Bottle
Dating a bottle by its tax stamps There are 2 basic types of Tax Stamps here in the US: Federal Tax Strips (Long thin strips that are placed over the cap area, usually Red Blue or Green in ...
by wchurst
What would a rare bottle of Hennessy Paradis be worth?
Here are some general rules - please remember, there are always exceptions to the rules! First rule is that cognac bought at a retailer is not an "investment". Once you take it home it's worth about ...
by Mikethevike
How to date a bottle of Haig & Haig Scottish Whisky
Haig & Haig bottles have several dating clues that help determine when it was produced... From Top to Bottom: All Pinch bottles from 1955 & later bear gold Capsules & Labels. ...
by wchurst
The yearly event 2016
This year, I was not going to bother about picking the grapes: A very late frost (in April) finished off most things and I have something of a ‘wine mountain’ in the cellar anyway. ...
by trevor
The value of a Baccarat cognac set
The value of a Baccarat set depends on the quality of the decanter, box, and cognac, as well as the name on the bottle. Baccarat made a number of very similar sets for Cognac manufacturers between ...
by Mikethevike
Buchanan's Black & White Scotch Whisky
This blended Scotch whisky was originally simply named after its creator, James Buchanan, one of the 5 so called 'whisky barons'. Those were the people who got rich of selling whisky globally in ...
by easmits
Welches grape juice wine
Well I finally decided to try this recipe. I don't know why its taken me so long to do it. From what I've read it produces a fairly good wine for a very cheap price and that is right up my alley! ...
by WineNot
Build your own still and make moonshine!
Go out and buy a gallon of your favorite 80 proof or better commercial alcohol. Then build a little baby still out of a 1 gallon stainless steel stockpot, distill this gallon 3 times and then ...
by thomasedwin
How do you find an auction to sell a bottle?
It's not often that a seller places a single bottle (valued under $1,000) to auction, as the cost of shipment + the auction house's 20-30% selling fees, often make the auctioning of a single bottle ...
by wchurst
Dating bottles of Haig & Haig
1897 was when the Brand was founded, not the date that the bottle was manufactured (bottles had no boxes backthen, as they were straw-wrapped in wood cases until the late 1920's).If the bottle has ...
by wchurst
Full vs Full... The Importance of Interpretation
Bottle Fill-levels
What does “full” or "nearly full" mean to you? These statements are very commonly used descriptions of a bottle someone is wishing to have valuated. (Unfortunately, these terms have very ...
by wchurst
How to fix and preserve an old bottle label
Credit for this post goes to whisky. Anyone who has seen old bottles of whiskey will know that sometimes the labels can be loose, damaged, and just plain in bad shape. Having a good original label ...
by Vale
Winemaking for beginners Pt.2
Cheap, fast and now! Of course this is ideal. Even 2 out of 3 aint bad. But, this is rare in life if u consider quality. Anyhow, today I would like to focus on cheap. Cheap doesn't mean u have to ...
by DamageInc.
Is an older bottle really worth more ???
It is a commonly noted fact that unlike wines & champagnes, high proof spirits such as Rums, Whiskies & Cognacs do not “mature” (become better with age) any further after ...
by wchurst
Martell Cordon Bleu
Hi Would anyone be able to tell me the age of thisbottle of Martell Cordon Bleu?
by LR127
Make A Simple Hydrometer
A hydrometer measures the density of a liquid compared to the density of water. In winemaking it will tell you how much sugar is in the must (the Specific Gravity) and it can also be used to work ...
by trevor
Wild Blueberry Wine
This is an added twist to one of my favorite fruit wines. It is an experiment and I want to keep notes on this and figured I'd share hopefully a successful attempt at making a nice hearty wild ...
by Eric C
Fruit wine from concentrate
I like to use berry blend from Old Orchard to give weaker wines body. I have made a straight wine from it awhile ago just remember to check the sg even though I'm giving you the sugar amounts I ...
by Eric C
Good wine made cheap
Good wine made cheap! I was rather dismissive of a poster earlier trying to make homemade cheap wine, and I can empathize difficulties in the beginning. In this blog post, I'm going to give a ...
by Eric C
Why do people add preservatives to homemade wine?
thomasedwin wrote: I read about all these people making wine and they say after it's done fermenting they add more sugar for sweetness. All the times I made wine I had to wait until all the ...
by trevor
Brewing fruit with turbo yeast pro's n con's
Hello from New Zealand From my experience the biggest advantage is the speed the brew takes to ferment , for example for a rush job you can brew 6kg of ...
by Slowburnia
How to make hard cider from store bought cider
If you want to make hard cider from store bought cider, look for juice without PS, there are a few out there and worth the drive to find them: It would be a waste of time trying to make cider ...
by magwa999
How to remove the taste of corn from moonshine
Do you know how to use Amylase enzyme to convert starches to simple sugars? It's the same as using malted barley in a grain mash to get grain sugars but much less work. This recipe is for 30 gallons ...
by thomasedwin
A review of Wine-Searcher valuation calculations
LOST Auction - Sawyers whiskey and Jacobs and Man in Blacks burnt senet game
I often see Cognac resale values given based on, which is one of the most universal websites for researching the value of wine and alcohol.While Wine-Searcher collects and ...
by Mikethevike
Joseph H. Reinfeld Importers
photo by KdeM44 Joseph H. Reinfeld sold Browne-Vintners to Seagrams in 1940. I believe the chronology of importers is Joseph H. Reinfeld, Inc. 1933 to 1939, then Browne Vintners until 1940, no ...
by Mikethevike
You can recycle your spent mash
Saving spent mash
You can recycle your spent mash. I know many times I have said when you're done distilling to throw out the stuff that is left in the still, but you can reuse this spent mash to some degree. ...
by thomasedwin
Dating Canadian Bottles...
Seagrams Pedigree (1927-1935).jpg
I was recently previewing a mini-bottle web-site, when I came across a Seagram's Pedigree claimed to be bottled in 1919 ( and thought I should bring ...
by wchurst
Malolactic fermentation
MLF (malolactic fermentation) changes bitter-tasting malic acid into nicer-tasting lactic acid. Not all wines benefit from MLF but it is suitable for most high-acid red wines and also for ...
by trevor
How to spot a fake bottle of Sherwood Rye Whiskey
Aphonik wrote: ...There's a good chance this bottle may be a period counterfeit. In other words, a fake made in 1923. The tax strip looks nothing like the official US Government bonded tax ...
by wchurst
Renewing fermentation after a temperature drop
This answer was given in response to a user who was having trouble with fermentation after the temperature dropped. "Making a chianti, was fermenting fine but slowly, racked to next carboy after ...
by trevor
The Proof is in the Proofing Marks
Until 1980, many countries had their own methods of calculating the alcohol content of various spirits, and these would often be displayed on the bottles with rather similar (yet often confusing) ...
by wchurst
Bols Zeer Oude Genever
Credit for this post goes to E.A. Smits. Glass or ceramic bottle Traditionally, Dutch jenever was a widely exported product up the 1930s. Jenever has always been bottled both in glass and ...
by easmits
Winemaking for Beginners Pt. 1
So you're new to the world of wine making? Like to get some tips, hints or instruction? Well, you have come to the right place. I hope you land here BEFORE you make your first batch of wine. If not, ...
by DamageInc.
How old is a cognac?
When the age of a cognac is stated, it must - by law - be the youngest barrel age of any of the eaux-de-vie used in the blend. If there is a "vintage year" stated, then all the grapes used must be ...
by Mikethevike
Its strawberry season.
Well I would like to say that I made this last year. If some one told me that strawberries made a good pie I would have said you were nuts. But check out the link below and I suggest ...
by bob1
Our first Cabarnet
I finally managed to collect the pictures we took of our first wine making. It isn't ready yet but here's the first steps in the process: It starts with the grapes. We picked them in the end of ...
by jade

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