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Weekly Roundup - Tradition vs Technology vs Inovation
I am having a hard time finding something to write about that will top my past two posts about straw wine and underwater wine cellars, especially the latter, which is still actively blowing me ...
by Ruth
Underwater Wine Cellars
Last week I shared an article on straw wine, which lead me to learn a bit about ice wine and all I could thing was wow, the wonders of the human mind! Always trying and thinking, tweaking and ...
by Ruth
Straw Wine and Manhattan Wineries. What next?
staw wine
Several things have caught my fancy this week, sending me into fantastic daydreams of making wine in unlikely places like a Manhattan apartment (the thought of the latter is enough to send me ...
by Ruth
Ingredients On A Wine Label?
Today I read something quite surprising - most wine makers don't put a list of ingredients on their wine bottles Brand name class/type of wine, net of contents, the kind of grapes and where they ...
by Ruth
Why Does the Wine Industry Ignore the Visuals?
wrapped wine bottles
I can't say which of my senses is more important to me; taste, hearing, smell, vision, or touch. I can say that the more my senses are involved in any one experience; the experience will become ...
by Ruth
Have You Read 'Summer in a Glass: The Coming of Age of Winemaking in the Finger Lakes?
As my interest in wine and wine making grows and the chances of me becoming a wine maker stays at around zero, I find myself interested in the stories behind the wines and the wine makers. How did ...
by Ruth
What Do You Know About Orange Wines?
orange wines
What do you know about orange wines? We, the simple folk, tend to think of wines in terms of reds and whites, and sometimes rose'. White wines are lighter and brighter; reds are deeper,more ...
by Ruth
(not so) Weekly Wine Blog Roundup: Beer,Wine Snobs and Deep Fried Foods!
fries and beer
It's been a while but I am back with our 'not so weekly' wine blog roundup.Funnily enough, this time it is all about beer!True, drinking a cool glass of white in the summer is a good thing, but ...
by Ruth
Weekly Blog Roundup - Breaking The Rules From Port to Purses
wine purse
Time for another no-so-weekly blog round up!When I was young and had time to be a conisure, I use to enjoy drinking Port, in fact, I liked it so much that I took it on myself to be the supplier of ...
by Ruth
Go Figure - Wine Bureaucracy at its Finest
My favorite pastime is figuring out Bureaucracy. (Not!) But if you are extremely bored and enjoy a puzzle every now and then, this could be a excellent way to pass the time. The thought of this ...
by Ruth
Wine Blog Roundup - Foi Gras Ban and Wine Snob Thoughts
on the beach
This is going to be a short and sweet roundup. Summer is taking its toll on everything including the wine blogsphere. Maybe people are enjoying the beach or just sitting in the shade somewhere, ...
by Ruth
Wine blog roundup - Revisiting Biodynamics, Artichokes and Crepes
baby artichokes
In my last blog round up, I posted a rant by Tom Wark about biodynamic farming. Alice Fiering, a fierce defender of all things natural wine including biodynamic's, posted about a visit to a ...
by Ruth
Wine Blog Roundup - Biodynamics or Not, Wine Tasting 1920 Vintage, Salsa Verde and More
It has been almost 3 weeks since my last roundup... time flies when you look away for a moment. Terroirist posted a compelling interview with Bob Varner, who along with is brother Jim, makes ...
by Ruth
Weekly roundup - Alcohol Effects On Health, The Importance of the Vineyard & More
tea totaler
A while a go there was a discussion on DP about how much one can healthily drink. Things seem to happen in series or hang in the air for a while since Jamie Goode commented on another study ...
by Ruth
Weekly Wine Blog Roundup
Not good
Since I read so many wine blogs, I thought I would do a weekly roundup and share some of the posts I found interesting. Feel free to click over and leave a comment, if you find them interesting ...
by Ruth
Why Is It Important For Content To Be Unique?
Book copies
I wanted to explain some of our blog posting rules, since to some they may seem petty and unnecessary. "Blog posts should be original in content (not copied from anywhere else, or published ...
by Ruth
Link Love, or Lovely Links!
Since I haven't been drinking much lately, I can't share any spiffy thoughts about the latest bottles on my table. In stead, I thought I would share some interesting posts I have read over the past ...
by Ruth
Naturally Brewed Canaan Pale Ale
canaan beer
Life is funny. It always loops back on itself... . You know I have a newly found interest in natural wines, and had decided to start looking for them. We spent the weekend in the garden, and my ...
by Ruth
Interview With Alice Feiring: Natural Wine vs Industrial Wines
Alice Feiring
Alice Feiring, author of the blog The Feiring Line, and author of Naked Wine and The Battle for Wine and Love: or How I Saved the World from Parkerization, is a long time advocate for natural ...
by Ruth
Are you a Super taster?
glass of wine
In the last post, I mentioned how hard it was for me to truly understand wine tasting notes, and translate the words and descriptions used for wine tasting to imagining what a wine would actually ...
by Ruth
Tasting Notes - Do You understand Them?
tasting notes
I like wine, you like wine as do lots and lots of people, all of whom (or most of whom) purchase it and drink it, based on what wine critics tell us about the wine. There is nothing unusual about ...
by Ruth
Blended Wine - Recanati Yasmin 2010
Finally, we had a chance to sit down to a quiet family dinner on Friday night. My husband bought Racanati Yasmin 2010 to go with our dinner. We thought it would be nice to try a blended wine for a ...
by Ruth
How Do You Store Your Wine?
wine storage
How do you store you wine? Sip Snark Swirl, one of my favorite wine blogs, just boasted their new diy wine storage unit. (Be warned - extremely funny photograph with little connection to said ...
by Ruth
The Sad Story of the Lost Pinot Noir
pinot noir
At the end of 2011, I went to the super market and to my delight noticed that there was a sale on the expensive wines and alcohol. I got terribly excited (you needn't, it is a big warehouse ...
by Ruth
Are Screw Tops Better Than Corks?
2011-12-23 15.58.43.jpg
Remember the bottle of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon from last week, the Hardy's Cabernet Sauvignon 2008? Well, I was good, and instead of drinking it on Friday with the spaghetti Bolognese, I held ...
by Ruth
Cabernet Sauvignon With Spaghetti Bolognese - Or Not?
I have a slight dilemma today. It is Friday, and I have already established that Friday is a perfect food and wine night. We have the wine - a bottle of ESTD Hardys Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, an ...
by Ruth
The Perfect Match for Shiraz - Grilled Meat and Vegetables
The only thing I did wrong on Friday night was not run around with my camera photographing our meal and our meal preparation. I need to start thinking of that now that I have decided to write ...
by Ruth
Post-Thanksgiving Link Love
I found a couple of things around the blogsphere which I thought might interest you. The first is from New World Wine Maker blog Oenotools winemaking calculator, is a free smart phone app to ...
by Ruth
What Is The Perfect Wine For Chicken Soup?
2011-11-15 14.31.42.jpg
We have remarkably little winter here. Every drop of rain or bit of cold is exciting to us, especially after last year, where November saw the hottest temperatures in donkey's years.... This ...
by Ruth
A Bit of This And A Bit of That - Link Love
wine plate
I am back! This will be the first of what I hope will be many more blog posts to come, after quite a long break. A lot good stuff has happened around here in the interim; my personal favorite of ...
by Ruth
Changing My User Name Kelly to Ruth
Just a short post to let you all know that I have decided to leave my alias 'Kelly' in the past, and from now on I will be using my real name, Ruth. I will also be back to regular blogging soon ...
by Ruth
Maddalena Cabernet Sauvingnon 2004 - Big Wine, Small Price
Besides always being on the look out for great wines, I am also happy to find inexpensive wines that are surprisingly good. In fact, knowing that I got a good deal is at times even more exciting ...
by Ruth
Which Wine Would Be Your Perfect Leonard Cohen Wine?
wine for leonard
Wine and food is an obvious combination, as is wine and weather, for sure, lighter whiter wines for the heat of the summer, nicely cooled and fruity .... I have been thinking, over a bottle of ...
by Ruth
Dinner for One
Opening a bottle of wine that you know is going to be great, and enjoying it will great company and good food is about as good as it gets. The only bad thing about as good as it gets is that it ...
by Ruth
Must Go
The Rioja Coast , a post written by Adrien on his blog Blame it on Rioja, made me want to get onto the internet in search of a ticket to the coast were all is extremely good, it seems.
by Ruth
Shoo Fly Buzz Cut Wine
shoo fly
Sometimes I am drawn to things and or like them for the obvious and logical reasons, like reputation, quality personal experience and so on. And sometimes not. Some times the reasons that draw me ...
by Ruth
Pinotage By Peter F May
mystery wine
Unraveling mysteries is always fun, especially if it has to do with something close to your heart like wine. If you ever thought a book about wine could read like The Da'vinchi Code then you ...
by Ruth
Good Bug Bad Bug
lady bug attack
I have to admit that I don't know nearly enough about the ins and outs of running a vinyard and caring for the grapes as I would like to. Even less do I know about letting nature help you run ...
by Ruth
I am sure every one agrees that wine is on of the things in life, that besides being what it is, embodies within itself multitudes of stories. Stories of where the grapes where grown, how that ...
by Ruth
Read and Drool
Cheese Toast
One of my favorite wine blogs is Bigger Than Your Head. I love the way he describes taste and talks about wine, but there are a number of people who do that well. What Fredric of Bigger Than Your ...
by Ruth

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