Natural Gas Conversion

Ok this part of my new rig is done. I no longer have to worry about propane bottles or how much I think is left in that one from last brew day. Here is two different burners converted. I like the concord burner better as it was much easier. I bought it as you will see with a new pot as a combo pkg from Ebay.

For parts as you see above I bought the burner ring and installed it into my old propane burner. Then to make it work attach a 1/2″-1/4″ adapter to the end of the 1/2″ nipple. Then screw in the Blichman orifice.

Then Blichman sells a valve and orifice pkg which will connect up to the Kitchen aid natural gas regulator.

Then attach the regulator and hose.

Now for the Concord burner you have to drill an 1/8″ hole into the orifice that comes with it. I actually used the one that was in my old burner just in case.

Then just follow the rest as above.

Another pic of the gas line ran for them.

Then fire them up.

This is where I’m at right now for next brew day. I am working on some small mods to the mash ton and will but it all together.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Have you ever had an issue with propane running out while you were in the middle of something?
  • bob1: Yes and it was back when I only had 1 tank. It caused me to buy another tank. But my equipment has got so big I was needing to get a bigger tank. So this will be a great thing to have done. One less think to have to remember to take care of before brew day.
  • Vale: I bet :D

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