Muscadines? Think about this: For my money, muscadines make ...

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Muscadines? Think about this:

For my money, muscadines make some of the best tasting wine of all; not to mention the excellent jellys, pies and other goodies. There are many varities to choose from. Some are just for delicious eating snacks,others for jellies and jams, and some especially for wine.

One thing of importance, is the harvest of the fruit. If you are familiar with any of the many types of bunch grapes,you know that when the bunches ripen, you simply clip the stem and harvest the whole bunch,
With muscadines, it's somewhat different; the bunches hold only a few grapes, and they don't all ripen at the same time. I've seen muscdines with flowers still blooming ,and a few inches from the blooms there will be ripened fruit.
Hinders havesting and provokes loss of fruit. Larger growers will use catch trays placed under the vines, and use a padded club to strike the wires. A ,fully ripened fruit easily falls from the stem, leaving the rest attached. Not all of the rest will remain attached to their stem,however and have to be removed as waste. I would advise anyone who has thoughts of raising muscadines; to get information from your count agent concerning this topic before getting in too deep. Sure hope this helps someone in making their decision of what to plant. Good luck.

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I agree. I have me a couple for jelly and maybe a little wine. I planned on putting a blanket under them and shaking the lines for harvest. With four boys picking at them , do you think I will ever get any?

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You'll probably wind up with the unripened,and the ones with the bees

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