moonshine with no bead

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lake c shina

I made a batch of shine the other day and it smells and tastes just fine, hot as hell to. but when you give it a good hard shake it doesn't hold a bead at all there isn't even two bubbles on the surface and nothing but little micro bubbles in the shine. What caused this to happen is the shine still good to enjoy?

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I forget don't all the small bubbles mean high proof. Once you add water to proof it down to the 100 range it will have some larger bubles.

2 years ago #3
that salty shine

Its got water in it, run it again and you should see the bead thats big bubbles not really small bubbles the bead of shine is the bigger the bubbles the higher the proof the faster those bubbles go away the higher the proof just run it again and it should be fine but you might have goten tails run it for the first shot or two of likker in a cup and dump that its bad dont drink the first or last bit it will make you sick and who ever else drinks it or go blind for a couple days you dont want that to happen trust me.

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