Information needed about David Nicholson 1843 bourbon

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I have recently received 2 bottles of David Nicholson 1843, 7 years old, 100proof.
On one of the bottles the US Government sticker says Spring 1957 Fall 1964, and the other bottle says Spring 1963 Fall 1970. What exactly does that mean? Are these bottles rare?
Would they have good value at a bourbon auction?
Thank you in advance

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I don't know anything about a "bourbon auction" but I can tell you that similiar bottles from the 50's and 60's sell on ebay for $25 to $40 each. A few bottles of "bonded" or "bottled in bond" whiskeys that have sold recently were Old Forester and Old Grand Dad.
I'm a big fan of bourbon and I've recently found bottles still on the shelf from the 60's and 70's. Really cool to find a taste of history and it's only $10 or $15.
If you're interested in selling them, feel free to email me at <email>
I'd like to add then to my collection...and then drink them.

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I almost forgot...To answer your question about the dates, those are the dates the whiskey was distilled and bottled. Just a little proof that your whiskey is 7 years old.
The "Bonded" 100 proof whiskeys had to follow some gov't regulations.

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The only large auction venue in the US for bourbon is Bonhams in New York, though they don't have the greatest reputation for selling American whiskeys. Their whisky auctions are twice per year.

Ebay stopped liquor auctions a few months ago.

The bottles are rare in that they were sold decades ago and are collectible to bourbon enthusiasts. Since they contain whiskey from a defunct and rather desirable distillery, some people might go crazy over them, and the way to get the most money is to find those crazies and pit them against each other. However, that's very difficult to do now that Ebay is gone.

The premium auction price is certainly over $100 and probably more like $200, but it's difficult to say. Quoting a definite value on it is impossible, since the secondary bourbon market is so small and unpredictable. Suffice to to say that these aren't "jackpot" bottles, but they're not $25 bottles either.

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Big bourbon

Those are worth close to $1k each now.


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