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i have a bottle of old rarity scotch what is its value?

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I believe it depends on condition. The prices varies between $130 to almost $500.

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Old Rarity from Glascow, ...

One bottle of Old Rarity, Blended Scotch Whiskey, Bullock, Wade & Co. It has an Illinois sticker across the top...bought in East Dubuque, IL when Iowa made customers sign a book when they bought hard liquor in Dubuque, IA. My father drank bourbon, and had it shipped when they moved from IA to CA in 1977....the IL sticker has no date. It says it is4/5 of a quart. The label is old. Never opened. The bottle is etched glass.

Ann in Carson City....NV

Should we just drink it?? My daughter's mother in law and I are thinking about it....in Tahoe this weekend!! Thank you!

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You could sell it for 100.00 to 200.00 I would buy it if you are interested

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