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How long is home made fruit wine good for?

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Well if you are like most of us its 1 year. Why because thats how much we can make. Now I have let mine spend 9 months in a carboy and was drinking it 6 months after bottling it so I can tell you it is good at 2 years old. Most of it is white wine and should be consumed at about 2 years. I have heard of blackberry lasting 5 years I have yet to make enough to last that long. ??But it is pretty bitter which means it has a lot of acid called tannin which along with that and tartaric acid it should help it age longer than things like apple and peach.

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I used to make wine in the 70's and always kept one bottle back.
Last year I decided that the 3 remaining bottles-Rhubarb, sultana and rice were taking up valuable space. We opened them expecting to immediately put them down the sink but they were all excellent.
They had been kept in a dark cool cupboard on their sides for up to 38 yrs. That's what you call well matured.

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