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how do you cut the alcohol content down in moonshine ? from 100%-40%.

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funny guy

you must have a lab set up if you got 100%
if you can figure out how to get water in to the vacuum that your storing your 100% you could knock it down but try not to let air in because at 100% it will evaporate

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if you could make 100% pure alc it would be 200 prof so if you add 1/2 water by voc it would be 100 prof so to get 80 prof you would need about 45% alc by voc but you need to know for shure what prof alc it is to start with befor you start cut n it

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First of all, If you have 100% abv or 200 proof it's chemical grade ethanol, If you take the lid off and leave it set in your shed, garage or barn for a few days it will suck the moisture right out of the air dropping it to 96%abv. Past that point you should not have the stuff, there is no use for it other than dragster fuel.

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