How can I tell how old a bottle of 12yr old chivas regal sco...

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How can I tell how old a bottle of 12yr old chivas regal scotch is? I "inherited" it from a family friend who was in her early 90's when she passed away over four years ago and she left us all sorts of amazing vintage items. Some items were clearly old but held mostly sentimental value (letters, photos) while other items (jewelry, coins, collectibles) have been appraised and are worth quite a lot. I would hate to let my husband crack it open with his buddies one day only to find that it too was "vintage" so to speak. There are no dates or stamps on the labels or the crimped cap cover however it does have a UPC barcode which leads me to lean my hubby's way. Does anyone know how to figure this out? Perhaps the label(s) or the crimped cap cover (which I assume is foil) are from a specific time period, etc. Any thoughts and/or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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If it's got a bar code, hubby gets the bottle.

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