Film on top of home made wine.

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There is a film on top of my homemade cherry and grape wine and i am not sure what it is or if i should be removing it like i've been doing. I previously made apple wine but i never saw a film on top of that batch. What is it and is it going to be harmful if i dont keep basicaly scraping off the top with a paper towel.

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What does the film look like? Is it just bubbles or like a crust? I read that if it is like a crusty film it could be bacterial contamination and that would mean that your wine is ruined...

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Well I dont know what the film is but instead of scraping it off the top with paper towel you could carefully syphon the wine to a new fermenter or carboy.

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Why not take the film to be developed and see what the pictures are?

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Nice to see you back DG and yes If something looks to bad, must be, why spend the time to find out its bad. I am pretty sure this is a post from months ago.


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