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Hi, my grandfather has an abundant amount of old, unopened, and still in the box bottles of liquor. Is there any way I can find an expert on a few of these vintage items and their values? I know I would probably have to go into quite a bit more detail, i.e. thick gold stamped seal on this particular bottle, etc. My husband and I bought one of my grandfathers homes and we're looking to find more history for the family and more history on his ventures throughout his past. He was a Colonel (fighter pilot in WWII), and had quite a liking for the liquor bottles. He still lives in assisted living and is quite a wealthy man, but has been stricken by dementia, which is only getting worse. Hence the reason for me trying to find more on some of his travels. Thanks so much! Kim

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I would love to help you out with you'r old bottles.
I can help you with value, age and if some have no labels i can with that. If you have pictures send them. <phone>
Kind regards, James

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I have a 1930s bottle of benedictine s.a. DOM B and B unopened 43% produce of france

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Double neck wine bottle

HI, Can you tell me anything about this bottle? Do you think it is worth any money ?
Thank you for your time.

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D.O.M. benedictine S.A. ...

can you help me with the value of this?

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