after about 10 days still reading 1.010 , i think we forgot ...

after about 10 days still reading 1.010 , i think we forgot to add the bentonite and the yeast because the other 3 kits we made are at .995
now what can i do.
if i added these ingredients and mistakenly added them again what would happen

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I highly doubt you forgot the yeast if it got to 1.010. The fermentation may have gotten stuck. With the amount of bentonite in a kit you could really add it now if you really wanted but it's only purpose is to pull some protein out of the juice to help clarify it. You can just let it sit in the carboy for a month or two longer and it will clear just fine. Gravity works great! I think you ought to transfer to the carboy at this point by the way. If you could see what kind of yeast you used and what your starting SG was I may be able to figure out whats going on. If the fermentation is stuck you can always re-inoculate with a good strong yeast like EC1118 which is great to restart. Make sure your temp is around room temperature too, if it's too cold it will go VERY slow. Personally I would mix the bentonite with some hot distilled water maybe a cup, put it in the bottom of the carboy, and rack the wine from the primary to the carboy right on top of it which will mix it. Then I would wait a week or two to see if the fermentation is moving along at all. Having the wine sit at 1.010 is not going to hurt it at all, but if you leave it exposed to the air for a long time THAT will. Check it every two days and make sure it's still moving downwards IE towards .995 and if it stays put get yourself some EC1118 and make a starter or at least hydrate it with 100 degree water, let it sit an hour, add another cup this time of the wine you are making, and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Let this sit overnight, in the morning you ought to see some foam, dump it into the carboy. Keep an airlock on the carboy when you transfer it, and keep the starter covered if you have to make one but loosely. Any questions just ask, but don't freak out. Go transfer that wine to a carboy and airlock it right now.

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Thank -you very much, i should have mentioned it is a 4 week kit and i double checked what happened and it is in a carboy now.
looks like a second pack of bentonite was added today but not the yeast.
so i think i will wait 4-5 days and transfer it again into another carboy, will that be enough time for it to drop to the bottom.
or do i do nothing for now?


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just wait for 2-4 day and check your sg to see if its moving. The bentonite is not what your problem is. You have adde3d , just try to forget about it and study the fermentation. You need to find out if it got stuck.

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