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The yearly event 2016 by trevor
This year, I was not going to bother about picking the grapes: A very late frost (in April) finished off most things and I have something of a ‘wine mountain’ in the cellar anyway. A lot of the grapes were quite awful and you ...
Buchanan's Black & White Scotch Whisky by easmits
This blended Scotch whisky was originally simply named after its creator, James Buchanan, one of the 5 so called 'whisky barons'. Those were the people who got rich of selling whisky globally in the late 19th century when it became a widely ...
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I decided to continue this contest into October since we have only 2 users who posted their recipes. Now where's everyone? ;)
by jade - 10 hours ago
We have one more eligible entry: http://www.drinksplanet.com/the-yearly-event-2016-13403.html However, we still need 2 more blogs to make the contest valid... 2 days left, there is still ...
by Vale - 22 hours ago
What is the purpose here. Not one question has a answer! Why do you state we can get information?
by Guest - 40 minutes ago
For 6 pounds of plums you will need about 6 pounds of brown sugar and a bottle of (cheap) brandy. Halve the plums and remove the stones. In the carboy, alternate layers of plums and sugar ...
by trevor - 6 hours ago
As there is usually no added water in rice wine, you could have a problem because there is nothing to dilute the brandy. Yeast cannot cope with a high alcohol level. It might have been ...
by trevor - 6 hours ago
Vale, I don't know the exact date, buy I'm pretty sure that resign was early 1800s... Cheers, Walter C Hurst
by wchurst - 7 hours ago
Is anyone interested in picking up a bottle? I have couple 750ml bottles available.
by Tom K. - 9 hours ago

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