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On Old Smuggler & Export Brands of Blended Scotch Whisky by easmits
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Old Smuggles always has been an 'export brand' of blended Scotch whisky. That means it wasn't really known in the UK home market. The biggest export market for the brand was the United States. The reason for both of these facts was probably ...
What is 'blended Scotch whisky' actually made of? by easmits
Not many people realise that a blend doesn't just consist of a mixture of different single malts. Such a thing would be called a 'blended malt' or (until recently) a 'vatted malt'. Single Malt whisky can indeed only be made from malted barley - ...
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Here are some blog ideas for the holidays if anyone can write them.. Top 10 ____ bottles for collectors (whisky, cognac, etc) Homemade drinks for the holidays Best wine (or whisky, cognac, ...
by Vale - 15 hours ago
I have a limited edition ships decanter of white horse whisky which was to comemerate the 1987 Americas cup in its presentation box is it worth anything or should I drink it ?
by Guest - 1 hour ago
May i know how much are these cognac worth..if they are worth anything at all..
by Guest - 3 hours ago
May i know how much are these 2 bottle of 1972 worth..?Thank you
by Guest - 3 hours ago
I have an unopened baileys caramel flavour which has a best by date of August 2012. It is December 2016 now, is it safe to drink it?
by Justin - 3 hours ago

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