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Is your still too small to maintain the correct temperature for moonshine? by thomasedwin
tinnelle (guest) wrote: I have made a still and have tried to make shine twice... I use 2 cups of self rising cornmeal, a gallon of distilled water , 4 cups of sugar, and one package of active yeast. I let it ferment for five days and when I ...
How to spot a fake bottle of Sherwood Rye Whiskey by wchurst
Aphonik wrote: ...There's a good chance this bottle may be a period counterfeit. In other words, a fake made in 1923. The tax strip looks nothing like the official US Government bonded tax strip that would have been in use in 1923. Note the ...

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Have you had a unique experience that you'd like to share? Or, maybe you've been doing some research and you feel that it could help other users? Whatever it is, why not write a blog about ...
by Vale - 15 hours ago
I could pull up 10 different beer yeast and different styles and give you 10 different optimum fermenting temps. You already know lager yeast are going to be on the cool side 58 - 60 degree ...
by bob1 - 4 minutes ago
just checked on this post its not there.
by bob1 - 20 minutes ago
how long ago did you pitch yeast? Did you use SO2?
by bob1 - 23 minutes ago
I do not like wine as sweet as you. But either way I think you will find that if you do things to get rid of as much malic as you can you will find your fruit wines tasting better. I guess ...
by bob1 - 26 minutes ago
Eric C is correct about this and furthermore its not a vigorous ferment either, personally, I suspect its been bottled to early and fermentation has re commenced, for some reason.
by phil d - 1 hour ago
not vintage enough to hit the high end of Dom, but a good drinker $150-175 as long is it has been properly stored.
by bowlingballs4u - 1 hour ago
this guy low balls every single item that he appraises
by dennis j - 3 hours ago
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