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What is the value of pre-embargo Cuban bottles by wchurst
First off, all pre-embargo Cuban bottles (rum, brandy, beer, etc) are called "rare" simply because you don't see these brands anymore in retail stores...Most are brands that have gone out of business long ago, and so from that perspective they ...
Cassis by trevor
Where I live, we make alcohol from just about anything that looks edible. We need something to keep us warm during the cold winter evenings! All the recipes are very simple. This year, a late frost spoiled most of the fruit, but I have a glut ...
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rare Port Ellen
by terwart - 19 hours ago
Since only one recipe was suggested, I will stretch this contest into September. I hope you'd add some interesting recipes ;)
by jade - 2 days ago
I have a bottle of korbel brut n.o 74. I have had the bottle for 16 years. How much is it worth?
by Guest - 7 hours ago
from few day i have observed is that pH electrode once kept in KCl solution after some time KCl solution become yellow so why does this happened ?
by Guest - 7 hours ago
Is it true that during Prohibition a secret ingredient was added to wine? This ingredient was added to replicate that aftertaste that Maderia wine is known for.
by Vale - 9 hours ago
I'm curious on how much my bottle costs. Unopened, sat in box its entire life.
by Kevindough - 11 hours ago

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