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Can you use moonshine as fuel? by thomasedwin
You won't produce high enough proof alcohol to run model cars and airplanes because most of them run on nitromethane, but you can run gasoline engines on 80% ABV or stronger. However, in order to do this, you must first remove all the gasoline ...
Make your own activated charcoal filter for spirits. by thomasedwin
Make your own activated charcoal filter for spirits.I tried to find a 1 liter glass Buchner funnel but found them too expensive -
Hardy Perfection Cognac by Mikethevike

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If you can take a reading now, that will help decide what to do. If there are 'some' bubbles it it still working away. You could stir in a little yeast nutrient and see if that perks it up ...
by trevor - 18 minutes ago
If I were to guess I would say around $25 in great condition with seals intact. I have one with tax seal from 1956 and minimum value was set at $23. Keep it, the value will only go up as ...
by Jeremy Haynes - 2 hours ago
Well I have a bottle from 1956 with tax seal and the value has been estimated at $23-$28.
by Jeremy Haynes - 2 hours ago
I'd go $400
by bourboncollector - 3 hours ago
If you don't want a high alcohol wine try Concord. Its more like a country wine. I use it for salad dressing cause its way too sweet for me to drink but some folks like that.
by bob1 - 4 hours ago
forgive my tardiness, I am very interested. How much are you asking?
by Jonathan - 7 hours ago
with out seeing the bottle I am guessing this is a porcelain painted decanter. (most jim beam is) and a high number of these where made over seas and contain lead based paints. if that is ...
by bowlingballs4u - 9 hours ago
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