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Can you use moonshine as fuel? by thomasedwin
You won't produce high enough proof alcohol to run model cars and airplanes because most of them run on nitromethane, but you can run gasoline engines on 80% ABV or stronger. However, in order to do this, you must first remove all the gasoline ...
Make your own activated charcoal filter for spirits. by thomasedwin
Make your own activated charcoal filter for spirits.I tried to find a 1 liter glass Buchner funnel but found them too expensive -
Hardy Perfection Cognac by Mikethevike

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Please post pictures of the bottle standing in the up right position. Thank you kindly, James
by James - 34 minutes ago
Hello, Please post a few photos of the bottle standing upright on a level surface. Cheers, Eric
by aphonik - 1 hour ago
Yes, please post a photo showing the entire bottle. I'm curious to see what this one is as well. Cheers, Eric
by aphonik - 1 hour ago
Boy its been a long time since I have pulled this stuff out. Its covered in dust. All but one a new 100qt SS pot. Now I can find everything. A couple more things and I can fire back ...
by bob1 - 1 hour ago
Shawn, The best way to get info on a bottle is to provide a photo. Please post some photos and we'll try to help. Cheers, Eric
by aphonik - 1 hour ago
Some more pictures off the bottle any ideas of the value guys www.drinksplanet.com/images/fb
by Gilbert1234 - 2 hours ago
Please PM me about this.
by cloudy712 - 3 hours ago
I thought once these things got rooted just about nothing would kill them. They are really getting to be a real pain. I may need one less hobby. I don't think we got that cold here. Maybe ...
by bob1 - 5 hours ago
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