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Problems with small pot stills by thomasedwin
Things like the drip rate don't matter all that much if you have an efficient still and condenser because you will get a steady stream coming out instead of so many drips per second. However, if you have a small pot still, you may have some ...
How do you find an auction to sell a bottle? by wchurst
It's not often that a seller places a single bottle (valued under $1,000) to auction, as the cost of shipment + the auction house's 20-30% selling fees, often make the auctioning of a single bottle hard to justify. Most sellers will usually opt ...
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You did it correct. Now check your inbox. Cheers
by kjlyons444 - 12 minutes ago
I think I forgot to add my yeast. it has been in the primary for 9 days now and when I checked it, it is at 1.20 on the hydrometer. The red wine is clumpy at the top or looks like thick ...
by Guest - 44 minutes ago
I would love to have this please pm me. Kind regards, James
by James - 3 hours ago
Please post pictures of the bottle whole bottle standing upright and the bottom of the bottle. Kind regards, James
by James - 3 hours ago
How much is a fair market price for a bottle of Hennessey 250th anniversary edition?
by the juice - 3 hours ago
THIS bottle is 1930's vale 2500.00 to 3500.00 dollars to a true collector. Kind regards, James
by James - 3 hours ago
Please post pictures I would be very interested in the havana clue rum
by James - 4 hours ago
Please post picture.
by James - 4 hours ago
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