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How do you find an auction to sell a bottle? by wchurst
It's not often that a seller places a single bottle (valued under $1,000) to auction, as the cost of shipment + the auction house's 20-30% selling fees, often make the auctioning of a single bottle hard to justify. Most sellers will usually opt ...
Malolactic fermentation by trevor
MLF (malolactic fermentation) changes bitter-tasting malic acid into nicer-tasting lactic acid. Not all wines benefit from MLF but it is suitable for most high-acid red wines and also for Chardonnay. It is not suitable for kit wines. It is ...
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I have a black label Johnnie walker 12 year extra special, it packed and not opened since last 40 years, what must be the value. ...
by Guest - 1 hour ago
If you can tell the alcohol content I assume you have a hydrometer? If so what is your sg now? I am wondering is it that low because you've used hardly any sugar or you have a stuck ...
by Eric C - 4 hours ago
Yes bob that is wht I meant,thank you. I sometimes get that one number in just the wrong spot to one side and it makes a huge difference,lol!I'm used to people just saying 30 for 1.03 and I ...
by Eric C - 5 hours ago
I will let the pics speak for themselves. Let me know if I can take more. www.drinksplanet.com/images/fbfiles/image
by vpcmotorsport - 5 hours ago
are you putting it in the bottle while the juice is cooling?
by bob1 - 5 hours ago
I have an unopened case (12 bottles in the triangular Christmas boxes) of Haig&Haig Pinch Finest Blended Scots Whisky. The information on the bottles I have from a bottle out of an open ...
by Michael A - 6 hours ago
Hi, i'd like to know how much is this bottle worth, and where i can sell it? thanks! www.drinksplanet.com/i
by Franco - 7 hours ago
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