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Cassis by trevor
Where I live, we make alcohol from just about anything that looks edible. We need something to keep us warm during the cold winter evenings! All the recipes are very simple. This year, a late frost spoiled most of the fruit, but I have a glut ...
What is the origin of brandy? by easmits
The name Brandy comes from Brandewijn, which is Old-Dutch for distilled spirits, 'burned wine' when literally translated. The Dutch Republic got their wine from other countries such as France. But often it arrived sour. To make it palatable ...
Pamunkey Wine Festival by Windsor Shades Vineyards
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Mark, a lot depends on the condition of the bottle...please post pics and sign up for a free account. I'd love to see this bottle!
by Pappy420 - 36 minutes ago
Urgently need to get a bottle of Louis XIII cognac... please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
by Jackie - 1 hour ago
Hi - curious about this item... Thanks! Jackie
by Jackie - 1 hour ago
It is similar to rum except that it is made with sugarcane juice. About 1.3 billion liters are produced annually, although only 1% of production is exported out of the country where it is ...
by Vale - 1 hour ago
by Vale - 1 hour ago
Have an unopened bottle of Rocking Chair blended whiskey. How old might it be? Is it worth anything?
by DPMN - 5 hours ago
Did you ever find out any info on this bottle...I've never seen this one, interesting?
by Pappy420 - 5 hours ago

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