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Campden Tablets - Sulphite by trevor
What are they?Sodium Metabisulphite which has been made into a handy tablet.It was first developed in Chipping Campden, England, as a means of preserving fruit.Are they safe?Yes. It is found in most packaged foods and occurs naturally in a lot ...
How to get higher alcohol content by Vale
Credit for this post goes to thomasedwin. How do I get a higher alcohol content in my shine? It runs about 120 proof... How do I get it higher? I run my sugar corn mash through the still 3 times, it tops out at 180 proof or 90% ABV. The stuff ...

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Good moonshine is crystal clear anything else is impure.
by thomasedwin - 5 hours ago
If it was good apple pie he wouldn't just give it away.
by thomasedwin - 6 hours ago
If the stuff is 100.7 proof that .7 on the end is nothing more than 7 tenths of one percent so you might as well call it 100 proof. 100 proof is actually only 50% alcohol by volume meaning ...
by thomasedwin - 6 hours ago
How much is a ten year old unopened 3 liter bottle of crown royal worth
by lge - 6 hours ago
No mater how you test your mash the testing itself will not make it have any higher alcohol content. The best way to get the highest alcohol content in your mash is to have good stuff in ...
by thomasedwin - 6 hours ago
Get a hydrometer.
by thomasedwin - 7 hours ago
I don't get all this BS about people saying that Moonshine is pure 200proof alcohol. First of all If you have pure 200 proof, that would be 100% alcohol by volume and would be simply too ...
by thomasedwin - 7 hours ago
I found out the bottles were from 1960 era. I was able to sell to a collector for $100.00. Thanks for your help. Cheers!
by pooltherapist - 7 hours ago
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