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How to remove the taste of corn from moonshine by thomasedwin
Do you know how to use Amylase enzyme to convert starches to simple sugars? It's the same as using malted barley in a grain mash to get grain sugars but much less work. This recipe is for 30 gallons of sweet corn mash. You can use the same recipe ...
A quick recipe for making mash by thomasedwin
A fast recipe. I use a big 3 pound can of sweet corn from GFS, 2/3 cup of fermax yeast nutrient, 50 pounds of cane sugar and add enough hot water to make 30 gallons and mix it up good and when it cools down to about 85 degrees F, throw in 1 ...
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Why do I have selment on bottom of carboy and in bottles
by Guest - 59 minutes ago
This is how this post started :-) Add sugar before and also during fermentation. If you have a hydrometer, you can measure how much more alcohol your wine will make from the extra sugar. If ...
by trevor - 4 hours ago
I have a bottle of w.a. gaines old crow sealed I think it was bottled in 1975 What is the value? www.drinksplanet.com/ima
by jmsjr - 8 hours ago
Camus 100$ Xiii 1200$
by Guess - 9 hours ago
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by Bourbon - 9 hours ago
hi ,i have a bottle of moet chandon brut imperial millesime 1993 boxed . does anyone know how much its worth please .
by Guest - 15 hours ago
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