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Bols Zeer Oude Genever by easmits
Credit for this post goes to E.A. Smits. Glass or ceramic bottle Traditionally, Dutch jenever was a widely exported product up the 1930s. Jenever has always been bottled both in glass and stoneware. Ceramic at the time was cheaper than glass ...
Stabilising and adjusting tannin in fruit wine by trevor
When wine has just finished fermenting, it is not fit to drink. It needs to be aged. Although you don't have to do much, the taste improves with time. To stabilize the wine (ie. to make sure there is no more fermentation) it is best to add ...
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35.00 Dollars.
by James - 1 minute ago
I have an unopened case of 1963 White Horse 12 Yr Scotch and Ballatine's 12 yr (same year I think from the same collection). I attached photos if someone can help me verify that the giant ...
by Guest - 3 minutes ago
Sent a message re: single malts
by cpm440v - 17 minutes ago
You can find wine yeast at the liquor store and supplies needed to make wine
by qball1959 - 3 hours ago
There are about 4 other bottles, but this is the only one that is Not open and still has the seal on it. Hope the pictures are good enough. Thanks and any info about them would be helpful! ...
by Titaniumspine - 3 hours ago
Hello, at what time might be this bottle, maybe someone will say thank you.
by Dovydas - 4 hours ago
This is the bottle. Unopened. How much is it worth and retail? http://www.drinksplanet.com/images/fbfiles/images/201605
by work1411 - 5 hours ago
Sorry, guess they didnt post before. Pics are up now. Thanks
by Buellton22 - 5 hours ago
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