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A quick reminder by trevor
It is almost harvest time. This can be a hectic few days so now is the time to make sure that you have all the things you need. Also, cleaning and checking the equipment in the days leading up to ‘the big day’ can relieve a lot of ...
Camus Célébration Cognac - It isn't all from 1963 by easmits
Camus introduced their Célébration for their centennial in 1963, as a limited & numbered release. Because of the success of that bottling, they decided to keep producing it. They kept producing it well into the 1990s. The ...

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The idea of making fuel from waste paper has been around for some time but only recently has it started to become cost-effective. The ethanol is not intended to be drunk ! You can get ...
by trevor - 4 hours ago
by Samantha - 14 hours ago
Good to hear it was still alive, thank you for letting me know :) And I agree, old White Horse is a lot better than modern Scotch!
by easmits - 14 hours ago
If it is without, not really. There isn't much interest for these anyway. Hope this was helpful, Emile
by easmits - 15 hours ago
Hi Thomas, Thank you for your response. Definitely a small world when you're interested old bottles ;) Drinksplanet is the best source for information for that. And please do let know ...
by easmits - 15 hours ago
I'll have to get some estimates from specific auction houses and investigate further. Thanks! Steph
by steph - 16 hours ago
Hi there, It looks to be a 1980s bottle you've got there. As it is not a Cognac, but a brandy sourced from distilleries in Bordeaux, the demand is limited. Collectors of brandy are quite ...
by easmits - 16 hours ago

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